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14th November 2022

Accounting for Style #13: Former shopaholic attempts budgeting

A University of Manchester student attempts to quell their spending habits for the month of October!
Accounting for Style #13: Former shopaholic attempts budgeting

Accounting for Style is a series at the Mancunion Fashion & Beauty section, in which anonymous Manchester students track all of their fashion and beauty purchases over the period of a month. Get a glimpse into the way your peers spend their money on their style, the splurges, and the savings…


Age: 19.

Degree: English Literature.

Rent: £114 per week, including bills.

Extra cash: I have a part-time job at home but I’m on the hunt for one in Manchester. I make some extra money from selling my old clothes on eBay. 

Monthly budget: I don’t have a set monthly budget but I restrict my clothing purchases to a couple of items per month. 

Fashion and beauty spending habits

I used to be a serial online shopper on eBay and Depop when I was in secondary school, but I have restrained myself since being at university. Whilst living in Oak House last year I spent some money on costumes for the many dress-up parties held around Halloween. But I don’t spend much money on beauty products as I still use my old and crusty makeup from when I was 14 (the beauty product I buy most often is eyeliner).

Monthly estimated spend on fashion and beauty

I usually spend under £50, but I am predicting that it will be quite a bit more this month as I need new shoes. It’s also Halloween this month so I’ll probably end up buying a few things for costume parties. Hopefully, I won’t splurge as much as last year!

Monthly spending

4th October 2022: £25.00. 

I have been in need of a new pair of trainers for a while but I have been putting off buying any as the ones I have found online and in high street stores are very expensive. For instance, I found a pair of white Nike Vapormax trainers that I liked but they cost nearly £200 and they didn’t even have them in my size.

I wanted a similar style of trainers but preferably in pink rather than white. I had a look on eBay and somehow I immediately found the perfect pair for only £25. They were second-hand, which was a bonus, as I prefer to shop sustainably when I can. The trainers are pink Nike Shox trainers from 2006. I am hoping they do not fall apart by the end of the month, but they are in great condition considering they are over a decade old!

Photo: Catherine Rowe-Kosary @ The Mancunion

5th October 2022: £25.99.

I decided to buy a top on eBay that I had resisted buying for a couple of months. It’s a pink off-the-shoulder Jane Norman top. I was hesitant to buy it because it cost £25.99 which is more than I would usually spend on a second-hand top but I think it was a good price for vintage Jane Norman.

11th October 2022: £12.

I finally went to one of the Student Union vintage clothing sales which I’ve been meaning to go to since the beginning of first year. I found a grey The North Face zip-up fleece and a white bolero top. I was unsure about buying these two items as I didn’t necessarily need them and I am very frugal when shopping in person rather than online. However, both items were quite cheap so I bought them.

19th October 2022: £14.80.

I was trying to find a beige corset for my Halloween costume on eBay, Vinted or from one of my friends, but couldn’t find one. I gave in and bought one from Amazon. Although I try to avoid fast fashion, it was perfect for my costume.

Total spent: £77.79.

Final Verdict

Overall, I spent more than I usually do in a month but I’m not too surprised – I needed new shoes and it was also Halloween. I managed to reuse old costumes for Halloween and I found a much cheaper alternative for the shoes I wanted, so I actually saved a lot of money in the end!

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