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8th February 2023

LeadMCR roles explained – Could this be you?

Looking for a post-grad job opportunity? Lead MCR is back with plenty of leadership and team opportunities to improve Manchester’s SU
LeadMCR roles explained – Could this be you?
Photo: Lead MCR @ The University of Manchester Student’s Union

The Executive Officers at the Students’ Union (SU) represent students not only at a university, but on a local and national level. The officers support students, listening to their ideas and values to ensure that the student body are heard at the University of Manchester.

Applications for this year’s campaign, entitled LeadMCR, opened on November 28, and close February 13. If you are looking for what the SU have called “the hottest post-scheme you’ve ever heard of”, here is a look at what roles are up for grabs.


Union Affairs Officer

The Union Affairs Officer represents the Students’ Union, champions, and listens to the interests of students to make changes on their behalf. This role requires directing the SU’s democratic and representative work and chairing the Union’s Trustee Board, which ensures that activities at the SU are effective.

The SU also asks the Union Affairs Officer to understand charity law and make sure that this is consistently abided by. This person also defends and extends rights of the students, as well as promote the SU both regionally and nationally!


Activities and Culture Officer

The Activities and Culture Officer supports students to run events as well as advocate for student societies, ensuring they have the support, development, and recognition they require. This role also covers the responsibility of representing international students and encouraging others to be involved in multicultural events throughout the university, as well as overseeing the work of the university’s student media.

The SU also requires the Activities and Culture Officer to monitor the employability work of the charity (and apparently performing DJ sets at Freshers events, as exampled by Mr. Robbie Beale last week).


Research Officer

The Research Officer works with different departments of the university to ensure that Postgraduate Research students have the best experience whilst at Manchester. From liaising with the University, the Faculties, and the Doctoral College and supporting their systems, to overseeing the Student Unions’ relationship and social development opportunities for the Postgraduate Research students, the Students’ Union requires that the Research Officer is also a current Postgraduate Student at the University of Manchester.

Wellbeing and Liberation Officer

The Wellbeing and Liberation officer directs the SU’s efforts on equality and diversity, supports student liberation campaigns, and champions those students who feel they are under-represented. Student health and wellbeing is also a major aspect of the role, not only in the Students’ Union but also across the wider university campus. The Wellbeing and Liberation Officer also represents students to external organisations, whether that be in person or on social media.

City and Community Officer

The City and Community Officer role engages with the local community and ensures that change happens for issues that affect our everyday lives. Whether it be working with the local government and community leaders or students in the area, the role includes improving aspects of the local community like housing, safety, and transport.

As well as this, the role also requires representing the students at the University of Manchester to the rest of the city, working with the likes of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and the Mayor’s office.

Humanities Officer / Biology, Medicine & Health Officer / Science & Engineering Officer

The roles of Humanities Officer, Biology, Medicine and Health Officer, and Science and Engineering Officer interact with people at all levels of the university, whether that be the relevant Faculty, School, Course Leader or Students.

They will work with student representatives to make changes to the educational experiences of students and partake in activities like the University Senate and academic Committees within the University to represent the academic interests of students. Essentially, they ensure that the students at Manchester have the best academic experience possible.


The Students’ Union has said that the Officers for 2023/24 will receive a salary of over 22k for the year, as well as receive 30 days holiday and closure days.

The eight roles will be announced on March 9, with voting for the roles opening on March 6.

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