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11th February 2023

A Bavarian breakfast at Albert’s Schloss

The Mancunion reviews Albert’s Schloss as they join the race in the competition for Manchester’s best breakfast
A Bavarian breakfast at Albert’s Schloss
Photo: Hannah Wellock @ The Mancunion

As Albert’s Schloss expands its reach over to Liverpool, they have also extended its menu with a new Alpine-inspired breakfast menu. In keeping with Schloss’ Germanic gastronomy, the new menu offers Manchester’s best Bavarian breakfast spread. 

I must say it was slightly odd entering one of Manchester’s most notorious late-night venues at 10 am on a Tuesday morning. However, the staff provided the same level of excellence as I received in December for a delicious Christmas dinner. 

Starting off strong with the drinks. The Schloss Hot Schokolade was perfectly balanced, very creamy but not too rich. The milk was smooth and frothy which, as all my non-dairy and oat milk girlies can attest to, is not the easiest feat to achieve with everyone’s favourite milk alternative.

Photo: Hannah Wellock @ The Mancunion

To my surprise, my orange juice was freshly squeezed, not just your bog standard juice from a carton. The perfect accompaniment to any self-respecting breakfast joint’s spread. And maybe even reason in itself to break your fast at Schloss. 

Now onto the breakfasts!

For the sake of providing a fair comparison to Manchester’s other breakfast menus, I chose the Avocado Toast (after I was told my first two items weren’t in stock). I’m going to be honest, Schloss slightly missed the mark. They had the opportunity to recreate this breakfast staple, but unfortunately, their attempt was nothing more than average. 

Avocado Toast – Photo: Hannah Wellock @ The Mancunion

With only one slice of toast, the dish lacked flavour. Whilst the bread was perfectly baked from their on-site bakery, the portion was on the smaller side. Of the two eggs, one as desired was runny but the other was frustratingly hard. 

The dish was garnished with some pickled onions which I’m sure for some would have elevated the toast, however, it wasn’t for me. To top it all off, my breakfast was cold. I’m unsure if this was intentional, but I would have liked my toast to be hot at least, and in a perfect world the runny eggs would have also been warm. 

My companion went for the Full Veggie Breakfast. With the full works, the breakfast ticked all the boxes you’d expect of a Full English. And on the flip side of my smaller portion, the Veggie Breakfast came with four slices of toast. 

Veggie Breakfast – Photo: Hannah Wellock @ The Mancunion

As a meat eater, the veggie sausage had her questioning whether it was real. With a great flavour palette and a realistic texture, the sausage was very tasty. If realism is what you’re looking for with your veggie alternatives then this is a great option. 

I’d say that Albert’s Schloss are yet to find their breakfast feet. But I have full confidence that this will soon change, given their stellar reputation and delicious evening A La Carte menu. 

So finally, last but definitely by no means least, the offerings of the on-site Bakery. 

When I say these pastries blew us away, I say it with complete sincerity. Not only did they taste phenomenal, but they looked like they’d been taken straight off the pages of a Mary Berry cookbook. 

Pastries – Photo: Hannah Wellock @ The Mancunion

As we were stuffed to the brim from our breakfasts, we took three pastries away with us to have as our mid-afternoon library snack. 

One of which was the Pain au Chocolat: a wonderfully light pastry with a sugar glaze on top complimenting the buttery flavour. Schloss successfully achieved a perfect chocolate-to-pastry ratio, one that is often difficult to accomplish. And the size of this pastry goes beyond satisfying, a great option for breakfast on the go. 

I would definitely recommend the bakery items to a friend. However, Albert’s Schloss needs to pick up the pace slightly if they want to be seriously considered in this extremely competitive race for Manchester’s best breakfast. 

You can find Albert’s Schloss on Peter’s Street with breakfast served from 9 am to 12 pm seven days a week.

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