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A Bavarian breakfast at Albert’s Schloss

A Bavarian breakfast at Albert’s Schloss

The Mancunion reviews Albert’s Schloss as they join the race in the competition for Manchester’s best breakfast
Breakfast, brunch and more…

Breakfast, brunch and more…

Perhaps you’re getting bored of Spoons breakfasts and feel like a venture out… Read more to explore Manchester’s breakfast spots
Breakfast brilliance: Dishoom reviewed

Breakfast brilliance: Dishoom reviewed

Dishoom does brilliant breakfasts – go on, treat yourself
Haus: Fallowfield food has never been better

Haus: Fallowfield food has never been better

Student favourite Fallow Cafe is being replaced by a Nordic inspired cafe and nightclub: Haus.
Recipe: best ever scrambled eggs

Recipe: best ever scrambled eggs

Whether it’s break-up comfort food or a helping hand in overcoming a hangover, this recipe for scrambled eggs is the perfect ticket to feeling well again
Recipe: Chorizo and Roasted Potato Hash

Recipe: Chorizo and Roasted Potato Hash

The perfect, indulgent and yet beautifully simple Sunday morning breakfast

Does our health knead the Bake Off?

With the widening of awareness to the dangers of sugar consumption, what do we do about the Great British Bake Off?

Champagne and Wholegrain

Food Editor Ellie Gibbs shows us how to make life worth getting up for

Overnight wholemeal cranberry raisin seeded walnut boule

Inspired by M&S’s cranberry & toasted pecan baton, I aimed to produce something similar, but on a larger and more-affordable scale.

Recipe: Hola Granola

Wouldn’t that be a great name for a Spanish granola/cereal company?! You saw it here first.

A day on a plate

The opportunities are endless as Anthony Cornish tells us about his daily eats.

The very serious art of cereal eating

Cereal are not just for breakfast, it is a serious lifestyle decision.

Why we love Fallow (the new and improved incarnation of Trof Fallowfield)

I was so disappointed when I heard Trof Fallowfield was changing hands. “It won’t be the same” I insisted. “Where am I going to go and gossip over a bottle of red wine now?”. But having visited a few times I now see the error of my ways. From its humble origins as a vegan […]

In conversation with: Seb Emina

Maddy Hubbard interviews Seb Emina, who explains his passion for the most important meal of the day

Great British Brekkie for Winston’s Wish

Host a breakfast for your friends to raise money for bereaved children

I’d rather have a bowl of… something else

Breakfast is no longer boring