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22nd February 2014

A day on a plate

The opportunities are endless as Anthony Cornish tells us about his daily eats.

Day on a Plate


Like most students across the country (not just those residing in Fallowfield), you probably don’t have much in the kitchen that mum would class as a hearty breakfast. No matter. While it may be ‘the most important meal of the day’, all too often last night’s cold pizza get the nod. With regard to drink, a revitalizing beverage is highly important and when it comes down to it, the list of options is a little more limited than the vast menu for food. If you’re feeling sleepy: coffee or tea provide the perfect boost to get you on the earlier magic bus; if you aint feeling too healthy: have a glass of OJ and flush out that illness; dealing with a hangover: don’t get fancy, just neck a pint of water; and if you’re feeling continental: all of the above.

Of course, the liquid side of things is just one aspect of the morning and once this is decided upon, the hunt begins for the morning munch. Time consuming but easily the most rewarding is to reach for the frying pan and get some eggs or bacon on the sizzle. Combine a fried breakfast with any drink and you simply cannot fail.


When this window of opportunity opens, there are a number of culinary possibilities. If you’ve missed Uni (and breakfast!) and are still at home, that George Foreman needs to be switched on, ham and cheese out the fridge and you know what to do. I could wax lyrical about the wonders of the toastie until the cows come home but for now let’s just say a toastie is a quick and tasty lunch for all you bunkers out there. Made it in to Uni? A packed lunch of sandwiches or a salad accompanied by a bit of fruit and, of course, a tasty snack is a perfectly satiating offering to your growling stomach. Or you could just get a Maccies.


When the dinner bell begins to toll, if you’re left with nothing in the kitchen to satisfy your needs, may I suggest you pick up the phone and start dialing for one of Fallowfield’s finest fast food delivery services. Everyone has a mountain of menus and everyone has a favourite. For those of you with a bit more foresight and who can actually include dinner in the plans for the day, there are some quick dishes that can be rustled up with minimal effort and maximum taste.

Of course we got the ready meals and pastas but a recent revelation is to pick up a couple of pizza bases for £1.50 at Sainsbury’s, slap on some toppings and for only a few quid you’ve got a homemade pizza (which will definitely taste better than if you bought it in the shop, and healthier)

Finish that with something sweet and that’s your day done with no complaints. A milkshake is always a certainty to please as the evening hours drift by.

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