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23rd February 2023

University round up: What’s going on around the UK this week?

Let’s take a look at news from other universities in the UK this week…
University round up: What’s going on around the UK this week?
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

University of Sheffield to become a world leader in 6G technology

The first 6G research facility is set to open at the University of Sheffield. The facility will play a key role in driving innovation in 6G by combining academics and industrial partners, as well as providing the necessary specialist equipment.

More than 40 companies and institutions bid for the chance to become the new world leader of 6G technology.

Professor Timothy O’Farrell, Professor of Wireless Communication in Sheffield, who will be director of the new facility, said the facility will help “the UK to maintain its place as a global leader in telecommunications”.


Swansea University Student’s Union launched a foodbank for students

In the midst of the cost-of-living crisis, a food bank has been launched for students at the University of Swansea after growing concerns over the affordability of food.

President of the SU, Esyllt Rosser and her team helped volunteers to set up a weekly food bank at the university’s Singleton Campus, responding to some students “taking on two or three jobs in order to support themselves”.

This follows the University of Newcastle’s SU launching its student pantry to support students as part of their Cost-of-Living Crisis Initiative in October of last year, supplying students in need with free food, household items and stationery.


University of East Anglia’s leaders questioned following significant financial challenges

The University and Colleges Union’s UEA branch said it had no confidence in the vice chancellor or other senior leaders, after the university proposed compulsory redundancies to make savings.

In the 2021-22 academic year, the university reported a £13.9m loss supposedly from the effects of Covid, the tuition fee freeze and rising costs however, university staff are questioning this reasoning.

Labour MP for Norwich South Clive Lewis said in a tweet that the university’s announcement about job cuts is “worrying” and indicated he had consequently offered help to the trade union for academic staff at UEA, as well as the UCU.


University of Sunderland has been welcomed by David Attenborough in joining the British Academy of Film and Television albert education programme

The albert education programme aims to tackle the environmental impact of the screen industry, by equipping lecturers at UK universities with the necessary tools in integrating an ‘Applied Skills for a Sustainable Screen Industry’ module.

The module will teach students about the science of climate change and its global impact, the environmental impact of the film and TV industries, sustainable production practices and creating content with a strategic environmental purpose.

Speaking out about the partnership, Sir David Attenborough said informing “future industry leaders is an essential part of the solution”.

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