17th March 2023

Why you should join UoM’s Water Polo club

Get involved with this unique yet dynamic sport that caters to all abilities and interests.
Why you should join UoM’s Water Polo club
Photo: Sophie Du Rieu @ UoM Water Polo

Perhaps an underrated sport, the water polo club here at the university, offers a great way to keep fit and meet new people. Oh and don’t worry, all abilities are welcome. I spoke to the club president, Sophie, on why students should consider becoming a part of this club.

Firstly, the club prides itself on offering a welcoming atmosphere. Sophie told me that the club is “very sociable, holds events and is generally a social club that welcomes everyone.” 

The club makes sure to have different socials every week, such as taking part in the ‘Didsbury dozen’ or all dressing up in a particular theme to go out. This sports club puts an equal amount of emphasis on helping improve one’s physical fitness as well as the friend-making side of it all. This is great for students looking for a unique way to keep fit and meet new people. As Sophie points out, “whilst at university, it is important to be a part of a club.” Adding to this, the club trains at Manchester Grammar School every Tuesday. This is around a five-minute walk from Fallowfield’s first year accommodation, perfect for any first-year students looking for a sports club to join. 

Photo: Sophie Du Rieu @ UoM Water Polo

For those who may not be familiar with water polo, it is a fast-paced ball game in the water. The main aim is to score goals against the opponent. However, each side has to act fast as they only have 30 seconds to score, or the opportunities go to the other team. Sophie pointed out it can be described as “handball in the water.” It is a unique yet dynamic sport which requires a range of abilities from its players. Sophie discusses how those involved work on their “shooting skills and swimming skills” all at the same time.

Sophie also told me that this sport undoubtedly improves one’s physical fitness with players “swimming up to 7km every game.”.It then can come as no surprise that water polo has often been ranked as one of the most difficult Olympic sports by sports medical experts. But, do not let this put you off, the club welcomes everyone. As Sophie highlighted, “we have a nice range of abilities.”

Photo: Sophie Du Rieu @ UoM Water Polo

The club has already been successful, at the time of this interview the women’s first team had won every game in the league so far. Not to mention that the women’s team had previously won the 2022 Christie Cup. However, it is now a new semester which brings a fresh set of challenges for the season. Sophie hopes the club will find even more success in the league, hoping for a promotion to the Premier North Division, in which they are just one league below.

The club is split into four different teams, two men’s and two women’s. Both of these teams compete in weekly BUCS fixtures. You can keep updated with every team’s progress by following the club’s Instagram (@uomwaterpolo). Sophie also recommends to anyone who is thinking of getting involved to message them through Instagram. 

It is the start of a new semester so why not try a new sport? Meeting new people, learning unique skills and keeping up your physical fitness are all reasons as to why students should consider joining the university’s water polo club. If you have any questions, be sure to message the club on Instagram!

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