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4th April 2023

Review: MOTLEY’s new Japanese Spring Terrace featuring Roku Gin

Join MOTLEY on their new Japanese Spring Terrace featuring Roku Gin and four new refreshing cocktails!
Review: MOTLEY’s new Japanese Spring Terrace featuring Roku Gin
Photo: Misun Farley @ The Mancunion

All of Manchester is welcoming the blooming of spring with more and more events to enjoy the long-awaited sun. If you are in the mood for some cocktails to accompany a lovely spring day, I recommend MOTLEY’s newly opened Japanese Spring Terrace featuring Roku Gin. Not only can you enjoy a very aesthetic and Instagrammable ambience of cherry blossoms, lanterns, and giant bean bags, but MOTLEY is also offering four drink specials that creatively incorporate Japanese Gin, Whisky and Vodka. 

The team over at MOTLEY was kind enough to let us try the new drink specials so keep reading to see the must-try Japanese-inspired cocktails!

Samurai Spritz

This drink includes Roku Gin, Aperol, Lychee Liqueur, and Prosecco. You can’t go wrong with a spring spritz to fully enjoy the warmer weather. The gin was delicious and the lychee added a sweetness that matched nicely with the bitterness of the Aperol. 

Sakura Martini

Photo: Misun Farley @ The Mancunion
Photo: Misun Farley @ The Mancunion

Roku Gin, Creme de Pêche, lemon juice, sugar syrup, Ms. Best Bitters, and raspberries combine to make a very pink drink that will match the cherry blossoms around the city. This martini was sweet and fruity, making it perfect for those who love a drink that’s easy to sip.

Toki Old Fashioned

My personal favourite. This drink includes Toki Whisky, Orgeat Syrup, and Angostura Bitters. I love an Old Fashioned and this one was very, very good. The Orgeat syrup was a great touch (almond and sugar syrup) to round off the drink nicely and the Toki Whisky was delicious. 


For our final cocktail, MOTLEY uses Haku Vodka, Yuzu Sake, mandarin syrup, and ginger beer to create a Japanese-inspired Moscow mule-esk drink. This drink was a close second for my favourites of the four. It wasn’t too sweet and each element was simply spot on. According to Google, Yabai in Japanese means both ‘dangerous’ or ‘amazing’ which I can attest to both being true. 

That is all for the Japanese Spring Terrace cocktails at MOTLEY, just waiting for you to sip and smile in the sun. 

Photo: Misun Farley @ The Mancunion
Photo: Misun Farley @ The Mancunion

You can find MOTLEY at the Yotel in Deansgate: 1115-121, Deansgate, Manchester M3 2NW.

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