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5th July 2023

Nothing boring about this Crumble(d)

Bringing back apple crumble – Hatch’s newest street food vendor lives up to its online hype!
Nothing boring about this Crumble(d)
Photo: Neve Hammett @ The Mancunion

I have always been on the fence when it comes to crumble, neither loving nor hating it, as it has just always seemed like the least exciting option for dessert. Nevertheless, my TikTok fyp has been full of Hatch’s newest street food vendor: Crumbled.

Drenched in unlimited custard and piled high with toppings, these were not ordinary apple crumbles! Therefore, I just had to see if Crumbled lived up to its online hype and if it had what it takes to win me over to the apple crumble fan base. 

This wasn’t my first time visiting Hatch, so I knew I would be spoilt for choice when it came to food, however, it was the live music that really made the atmosphere this time. Sticking to its carnival theme, there were performances from steel drum bands to RnB DJs. The sun was shining and with the help of some rum punch pitchers, it really felt like summer had arrived!

All I needed to complete the experience was something to satisfy my sweet tooth so I scanned our table’s QR code and began scrolling through the endless options on offer at Crumbled. 

Photo: Neve Hammett @ The Mancunion

Available with or without fruit, I decided to go for the apple and cinnamon option to keep it traditional. Next up was the toppings and there really is something for everyone, even a toasted marshmallow top, which I was not entirely convinced about and decided to play it safe with honeycomb. When it came to the sauces, I found myself torn again, tempted by pistachio but not able to turn down Lotus Biscoff. To finish, I felt it was only fair to go for their iconic unlimited custard and no more than five minutes later it was served, covered in gold glitter and drowning in toppings. Living up to its name, the crumble had perfect sugar clusters and my choice of honeycomb and Biscoff worked beautifully. 

It’s fair to say that I was not disappointed and though it is probably the most expensive apple crumble I will eat, costing eight pounds, I’m sure it will be the best one. I no longer believe that apple crumble is boring, however, I also do not think I will taste one as good and exciting as the one I had from Crumbled. For me, this street food vendor is a must-visit and if you find yourself in Hatch you need to try it out!

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