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31st August 2023

A guide to: City halls

Our guide to the often lesser-known city halls at the University of Manchester, which cater to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
A guide to: City halls
Photo: Keira Burton @ Pexels

Whitworth Park

Whitworth Park is one of the more secluded accommodations on offer here at Manchester, but it does have its charms. The biggest advantage by far is its proximity to campus. You can leave your flat at 8:50 and comfortably be at most buildings on campus on time for a 9 am lecture, and rest assured, you will be thankful for this!

The nearest pubs available are the in-house Grove Bar, Kro Bar, Big Hands, and Turing Tap, all of which are excellent options for evenings with friends. If that isn’t enough, Whitworth is close to the city centre and close to Fallowfield!

Whitworth is one of the quieter accommodations compared to the others, but don’t let that deter you. There is plenty that Whitworth has to offer, and if you end up living here, you might not ever be late for a lecture again (though you probably will).

Weston Hall

Weston Hall is by far the most central accommodation offered to students by the University of Manchester at only a five-minute walk to Piccadilly Train Station on Saville Street. The halls neighbour UoM’s North Campus, and are also perfect for those who want to explore the city’s nightlife. A minute’s walk will take you to popular student clubs YES, Factory, and Joshua Brooks, and it’s only a minute further to get to Manchester’s iconic Gay Village on Canal Street.

Weston Hall itself is self-catered, with single en-suite rooms in flats of eight students. The decor isn’t the fanciest, yet the eight-person student flats mean that you shouldn’t find freshers socialising too difficult. You’ll also have all of the amenities that you’d ever need on your doorstep and can have the rare experience of being a city-centre student in Manchester, whilst only having to walk around 15 minutes into university.

Denmark Road

Denmark Road is Whitworth Park’s classier neighbour. Set back from Oxford Road, this hall gives students only a ten-minute walk to lectures, close proximity to shops and bars, and modern facilities. Priced at roughly the same weekly rate as Unsworth Park in Fallowfield, residents are treated to a similar double bed, en-suite bathroom, and self-catered lifestyle.

The flats are light and airy and come accompanied by modern common rooms. Flat sizes are either five or six students, however, so if you are wanting a more sociable first year, Denmark Road might not be the choice for you. Despite this, the location and facilities make the halls a great option for those willing to put in more effort socialising outside of their flat (which is always recommended).

Park View

Park View is very similar to Denmark Road, although it is slightly further from the university, located on the opposite side of Whitworth Park on Moss Lane. By adding the extra five minutes to your morning walk, you’ll enjoy extremely modern halls equipped with large, double bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, and open kitchens and dining rooms.

The morning walk will also take you through Whitworth Park, a lovely green space to have on your doorstep for those moments when the stresses of student life get a bit too much. Park View is a short walk from shops such as Lidl, Superdrug, and Tesco, as well as the local spoons for a cheap start to nights out.

George Kenyon Hall

George Kenyon Hall is restricted to just post-graduate students and is comparable in price and facilities to many of the undergraduate halls in Fallowfield. The facilities aren’t as swanky as some of the other city halls, yet you’ll still have an en-suite, self-catering space for flats of six students and lots of storage. Also, you really couldn’t live closer to your lecture halls if you tried.

This hall has the most central campus location, alongside the Kilburn, Roscoe and Alan Turing Buildings, which means it’s only a fifteen-minute walk up Oxford Road into the city centre. The kitchens have nice views across campus, and the location also means that your sleep shouldn’t be disturbed by any suburban noise.

Horniman House

Horniman House is another option for post-graduate students and contains almost 40 one-bedroom flats suitable for single postgraduate students or couples which come with en-suite bathrooms. You can also opt for a deluxe flat, which comes with its own additional study area.

The price does reflect the fact that Horniman House provides students with single flats, and it’s by far the most expensive accommodation offered by UoM. However, you do get a great location included, with the halls found on Oxford Road above a Costa café and a Sainsbury’s local. You’d be right next door to the Stopford Building, so not far at all to make those 9 am lectures!

Annabel Benton

Annabel Benton

Co-Culture Managing Editor for The Mancunion, previous Co-Lifestyle Editor // Twitter: @AnnabelBenton_

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