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6th November 2023

Fuse FM presents Transfusion: Dance for Trans Mutual Aid

Looking to party and protest to support the trans community on a school night? Look no further than Transfusion, Fuse FM’s club night featuring soul, dubstep and more
Fuse FM presents Transfusion: Dance for Trans Mutual Aid
Photo: ouch that hurt @ FUSE FM

On Tuesday 7 November, UoM’s student radio, Fuse FM, is hosting a club night with a twist: Transfusion.

Bringing on board a host of non-binary DJs, Fuse FM aims to party the night away to support Manchester’s trans community, with the event being dedicated to fundraising for Trans Mutual Aid Manchester.

Trans Mutual Aid Manchester

Trans Mutual Aid Manchester is a “Trans led, radical mutual aid group, set up to help trans and non-binary people in Greater Manchester support each other through direct action.” This means the group helps those within the trans community with essential costs. However, this wouldn’t be possible without fundraisers or donations.

Issy, Fuse FM’s Deputy Station Manager, explained “I started this project after hearing Sunak’s speech at the Tory leadership conference, spurting all sorts of transphobic nonsense. It’s so shocking that trans people have to hear this blatant hate speech from everywhere and these transphobes are just allowed to exist without literally any serious backlash.”
“A lot of these organisations don’t have much funding at all and though they work very hard, they don’t always reach the people that need help. If Fuse can help in any way to fundraise, even if it’s just enough to pay for one month of hormones for one person, I want to do that. It’s so important to me to make the most out of our platform as possible. And isn’t it so cool that dancing is protest!”
Mutual aid is a community donation and financial aid network. Within the trans community, mutual aid is provided to help users gain access to hormones, surgery and anything else the recipient may need as they transition. This type of support is vital when considering the UK government’s approach to trans rights and health care, alongside the long wait periods within the NHS to gain access to these types of services.
In the future, Trans Mutual Aid Manchester aims to expand its services. At the moment, the charity provides advice, a resource library, support groups, 1:1s, and regular community Zoom meetings. Building from this, the charity hopes to form a grassroots aid network providing greater support during the medical phase of one’s transition. This would include social outreach via attending medical appointments and support after surgery.
To get involved or find out more about Trans Mutual Aid Manchester, follow them on Instagram: @transmutualaidmanchester.

Transfusion: what to expect

For their first event of the year, Fuse FM has recruited a group of talented young DJs for their night of protest partying. The first lineup includes Manchester local RIxY, A.$.K who promises “super sexy and funky beats.”

Round two has Entropy bringing “old school dubstep beats” combined with “euphoric rave belters.” They’re followed by Messy B.A.O who has previously DJed at Natsu Fest.

Photo: Issy Hatton-Williams @ Fuse FM

“It was really important for us to spotlight nonbinary DJs because they’re often very underrepresented in these spaces. They’re also all such talented people,” Issy says.

“Guests can expect a night of fun, joy, celebration, and most of all, a queer safe space. Our DJs are playing everything from house and soul to dubstep. I really want to emphasise that it’s a night for everyone to come and enjoy and raise money for a good cause!”

If that wasn’t enough for you, you can grab merch! Issy explains, “We are planning on selling t-shirts and taking donations on the night too.”

Combined with music, drinks and a cheeky dance on a school night, you’re in for a good time.

When and where

When: Tuesday November 7 2023. 22:00 until 2:00.

Where: Mirage Bar, Islington Mill – the only queer bar in Salford. The bar is easily accessible via tram, bus or taxi.

Tickets: Purchase tickets for the evening here!  Tickets can be purchased until 1:00 Nov 8 – the last entry time. If you’re unable to attend but would still like to donate to Trans Mutual Aid Manchester, follow this link.

Issy wrapped up by saying “Come party with us in support of the vibrant trans community in Manchester – every penny counts. Would love to see as many faces there as possible! And bring your house, coursemates, parents, siblings, and your dog too!”

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