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19th November 2023

On screen style report #3: Effy Stonem

Effy Stonem’s style was the epitome of cool when Skins first aired in the late 2000s, but what would she wear in 2023? We take a look at her on-screen style and which trending pieces would be in her wardrobe today
On screen style report #3: Effy Stonem
Credit: Channel 4

Effy Stonem was an icon of her era. When Skins first came out, everyone wanted to be the cool, mysterious teen. She was a constant source of drama because seemingly everyone at Roundview College was in love with her, and so were the viewers. Even though my peers and I watched the show years after it aired, as teens growing up in the vicinity of Bristol she was the ultimate inspo, despite the many issues she struggles with during the series.

Kaya Scodelario, the actress who began playing Effy at the age of 14, has since commented on the show in a TikTok, saying that she thought the newer, controversial teen show Euphoria was “crazy” for 17-year-olds, but then remembered what she was doing on TV as a teen.

Both shows have been criticised and accused of glamourising mental health issues and drug use, and Effy deals with selective mutism, depression, and addiction during her time on Skins. The question of whether the series is an adequate warning against this kind of lifestyle and a realistic depiction of life as a teen or a damaging fiction has been much debated. What cannot be debated is the influence of Effy’s distinctive on-screen style.

Her wardrobe is quintessentially late 2000s: the seasons featuring Effy as a main character aired in 2009 and 2010 respectively. She wears dark colours, graphic tees, boots, fishnets, and loads of jewellery. This period was also the beginning of the Tumblr era, and her aesthetic would be reblogged, replicated, and adapted for many years to come. But what would the troubled-but-stylish teen wear in 2023? Which trends would she love?

Siren eyes

Although Effy probably wouldn’t have swapped her signature cigs for a vape, she might choose a ‘siren’ eye look over her classic smoky eye. Dramatic eyeshadow looks have been left behind in the 2010s and pared-back makeup is in. The doe eyes vs. siren eyes trend has been all over TikTok for quite some time, and we think the sexy, sleek, and elongated siren eye effect would be right up her street. It maintains the classic Effy element of a black-lined waterline, while being more subtle than her original look.

Leather Jackets

Effy can be seen wearing a classic leather jacket throughout Skins, and she definitely wouldn’t do away with leather outerwear pieces in 2023. Instead, the silhouette would simply change. A more trendy, oversized version like this Motel Rocks one would be a staple part of her wardrobe (although she’d probably get hers from a charity shop).

Credit: Motel Rocks @, £95

Scarves and ties

A stack of long necklaces was Effy’s favourite accessory in 2009, and we think the modern equivalent would be a skinny scarf. This distressed one from Urban Outfitters is so Effy, but we also think she would dip her toes into the tie trend. She was always a fan of wacky accessories (like using her belt as a bangle), so would probably go for something unusual like this ‘Ibiza Passion’ tie from Jaded London.

Credit: Jaded London @, £30

Platform shoes and biker boots

Boots were a staple in Miss Stonem’s wardrobe, and originally they were flat lace-ups, but now we can imagine she’d go for something on-trend with a platform like these Dr. Martens Jadon Max Buttero. She would also definitely hop on the biker boot trend, as she could often be seen wearing boots with buckles and these are a stylish reincarnation for 2023 that we already know she’d love. Another shoe we could see Effy wearing is the classic black Buffalo most probably paired with black leg warmers and some patterned fishnets.

Credit: Dr. Martens @, £219

Gloves and sleeves

Fishnets were Effy’s go-to, and in the 2020s we think she’s go an extra step and accessorise her arms too. Gloves and sleeves have been trending for a few years and we think she would rock some fishnet gloves or classic black fingerless gloves like these ones by Arch4. As a fashionable teen, she would probably also want to find something more unique to complete her outfits, so might opt for these Etsy sleeves on a night out, they have a little sparkle, but still fit her typical grey and black colour scheme.

Credit: AngelaGBStore @, £4.99

Statement necklaces

2022 and 2023 have seen a huge rise in the popularity of necklaces with large pendants, and Effy was a big fan of jewellery and layering loads of pieces, so would definitely wear one. She actually wore a long cross necklace in an episode of Skins, so we can see her in this ‘Gothic Cross’ necklace.  This type of swirly, spiky design is also trending at the moment and can be called ‘cyber sigilism’, ‘cyber gothic’, or ‘cyber tribal’. This trend falls under a more alternative style, so would be perfect for the alternative-inclined Effy. As a fan of layering, she’d definitely add another necklace or two and might choose something unusual like this tooth-shaped pendant from En Route.

Credit: SAINTSCHILD @, £10.95


Bloomers are a must-have for fashionistas at the moment, and are most often seen in white, but we could see Effy styling up a storm with some frilly black ones. It might be hard to imagine her wearing them at first, but we know they’d look so cool worn just peeking out under a long graphic tee with some dark patterned tights and platform boots.

Credit: Jaded London @, £40

Slouchy bags

Effy obviously needs a bag so she has somewhere to put her non-existent college work (a 2023 version of Effy would definitely also have a cracked iPhone to throw in), and we think she’d wear something slouchy with buckles like this Monki number. Larger bags, especially those covered in buckles are starting to trend following the huge popularity of shoulder bags and mini bags in recent years, and this understated grey version would be perfect for Miss Stonem.

Credit: Monki @, £39.99

Although there are some current fashion trends that would undoubtedly catch Effy’s eye, she would always make sure to add something extra or unusual to differentiate herself from the crowd. Most of her wardrobe in 2023 would just be updated silhouettes of her classic favourites, but the creative things she might do with accessories, we cannot predict. Despite her original wardrobe being very era-specific, the essence of her style is a timeless symbol of teenage rebellion, so serves as enduring inspiration no matter the year.

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