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3rd December 2023

Financial boost for northern creative industries under government’s Create Growth programme

Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer led the WeCreate Conference on November 13, launching the ‘Create Growth’ programme to support technological and financial development of the creative sector
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Financial boost for northern creative industries under government’s Create Growth programme
Manchester City Centre, Photo: Stacey McNaught @ tecmark

The government has launched the ‘Create Growth’ programme, promising new funding for northern creative industries.

Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer led the WeCreate Conference on November 13 in Manchester at the Aviva Studios, where she launched the ‘Create Growth’ programme. 

‘Create Growth’ plans to aid the continued technological and financial development of the creative sector, which has been identified as one of the 5 industries the government predicts will deliver economic growth in the coming years.  

Frazer used her speech to outline the government’s plans to inject targeted funding into various film and music projects in the coming years with a specific focus on the North of England.

This includes £5 million towards festivals and music venues in England. The funding hopes to develop newer festivals to draw in tourism and compete with post-Covid ticket rises, with 2024 Glastonbury tickets raised by £20, up to £360 per person. 

The news comes after continued fears of the decline of music venues in Manchester Northern Quarter after the crippling impact of Covid local venues.

Last year, music venue Day & Night went to court over noise complaints, with community members signing petitions to express their anger at the potential closure.

Such fears are hoped to be aided by new funding, as well as a broadening of eligibility for the ‘Grassroots Music Fund’.

Frazer also mentioned plans to fund creative learning facilities and courses. This includes almost half-a-million towards developing a film production course at North Hertfordshire College, which hopes to teach young people practical, industry level skills.

In November, the Bank of England suggested at least another year of zero growth.

Investing in creative industries seems an attempt by the government to force growth. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) Director of economic statistics recently predicted a boost coming from film production in September.

Whilst this programme has the potential to benefit graduates looking for jobs in this industry, it comes as a deviation from the government’s previous criticism of arts-based “Mickey-Mouse degrees.”

It is still to be seen where the £10 million of overall support is allocated and what long-term impact this will have. 

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