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4th March 2024

NUS Rep: What do they actually do?

The LeadMCR elections are just around the corner and this year there is the additional role of NUS (National Union of Students) representative. But what’s their role? And what does this mean for students?
NUS Rep: What do they actually do?
Credit: University of Manchester Students’ Union

This year, the NUS (National Union of Students) rep is the newest elected role in LeadMCR. Unlike the other roles, seven reps can be elected.

The Students’ Union described the position of NUS representative as follows:
“[As an elected NUS Rep], you would represent our Students’ Union at the conference, vote on our behalf, and take part in discussions at the National Conference.”

The role of NUS rep is less focused on the day-to-day activities of the Students’ Union but instead represents a “delegate” role as a figurehead of the students at the national conference.

They attend conferences and vote on behalf of students. NUS reps are involved in lobbying for changes or passing collective amendments for the betterment of all Union universities.

During the National Conference, key officers like the National President and Vice-President are elected. NUS reps at the conference will help to elect these positions.

NUS – or the National Union of Students – is a national union that Students’ Unions can opt-in to being a member of.

£30,000 is given to the NUS yearly by the Students’ Union. Membership in the union includes representation of Manchester’s students’ rights when lobbying and ensuring equal protection of rights for all students.

Last year saw a referendum at the University of Manchester on the continued membership of the NUS, with students voting to remain a part of the union.

Other Universities with NUS reps require only short-time commitments, unlike other officer positions that include daily work.

Durham University delegates are expected to attend the 2 day conference, training sessions and spend their own time reading Conference materials in preparation.

Being an NUS rep is an unpaid role.

As of March 1, there are eight listed candidates for the NUS rep for the position. Voting begins on March 4 for the NUS rep and the eight paid Exec Officer roles.

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