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7th March 2024

Your new Exec team: LeadMCR 2024 results

Eight Exec Officers and seven NUS reps have been elected for LeadMCR 2024/25
Your new Exec team: LeadMCR 2024 results
Credit: Jacob Hartley @ The Mancunion

The winners of LeadMCR 2024 have been announced.

The winners are:

  • Union Affairs: Lexie Baynes
  • Activities and Culture: Charlie Roberts
  • Wellbeing and Liberation: Aisha Akram
  • City and Community: Elliot Briffa
  • Humanities: Katie Jackson
  • Science and Engineering: Nahid Farzalizadeh
  • Biology, Medicine and Health, Gabrielle Bailey
  • Postgraduate Research: Adil Ashraf

8520 students voted, with 40,263 individual votes

Lexie Baynes has been elected for the role of Union Affairs. 4,826 votes were cast for the role, with Lexie winning by 2,113. She assumes the job from Hannah Mortimer, who has been in the role for one year. Lexie will be the representative for the student voice at both the Union and University levels.

Charlie Roberts has been elected for Activities and Culture officer.  The role received the most votes: 5,038 students. Robbie Beale, who leaves the role after two years, was re-elected last year with 5,370 votes. The role encompasses activities, society life, and international students.

For Wellbeing and Liberation Officer, Aisha Akram has been re-elected, achieving 1,693 votes. 4,752 students voted for the role, which concerns giving voice to under-represented students, advocating for student health, and general wellbeing.

Elliot Briffa has been elected for City and Community officer with 1,720 votes, assuming the role from Tesnime Safraou. The role aims to help students engage with their local community and wider city.

Humanities received the most votes of any of the specifically academic roles, with Katie Jackson re-elected for her second term. Katie gained 1,257 votes, with 4,407 total votes for the role.

Faculty of Biology, Medicine, and Health was won by Gabrielle Bailey. The role had 3,632 votes, with Gabrielle receiving 1,368.

For the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Nahid Farzalizadeh has been elected with 1,500 votes. The role received 3,451 votes.

Adil Ashraf has been elected for postgraduate research officer, receiving 1,212 votes. The role received the least votes out of the Exec officers with 3,393.

The Faculty Officers are responsible for connecting with student reps and getting student influence to ensure the best educational experience.

Seven NUS reps have been elected after 3111 votes were received. Their names are: Ryan Belhadj, Muhammad Imizan, Tamar Singer, Ashley Suarez Clarke, Laura Ashton, Thomas Rossall Kleczewski, Jack Newton.

Breakdown of votes compared to winners' votes

All vote totals were accumulated through a transferable voting system.

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