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20th March 2024

Celebrity style guide #3: Sabrina Carpenter

If you’re looking to recreate Sabrina’s feminine, pop-star style then look no further because we have a guide just for you
Celebrity style guide #3: Sabrina Carpenter
Credit: Justin Higuchi @ Wikimedia Commons

Former Disney actress, now up-and-coming singer, Sabrina Carpenter has made a name for herself in the fashion world and has the wardrobe of our dreams. Ranging from the glitz and glam of her tour looks to the retro classy feel of her street style, Sabrina has affirmed herself as the true ‘it girl’. After growing in fame since joining Taylor Swift on her Eras tour she has become a classic pop princess which is reflected in her fun and girly style. If, like us, you’re obsessed with her outfits, then you’re in luck as we break down what makes up Sabrina’s style.

Gogo Boots

When looking at Sabrina’s style, one thing that is impossible to ignore is her iconic 60s white Gogo boots, especially for her red carpet and tour looks. These boots are perfect for her fun, playful, and slightly retro style. The platform obsession extends past the boots, occasionally switching them out for a pair of bejewelled platform heels and thigh-high white socks. Even in her streetwear, Carpenter is often spotted in a chunky loafer or boot. A platform shoe is the perfect way to make your outfit scream Sabrina.

Her iconic bangs

Sabrina’s hair can’t be ignored. A flashback to a 90s supermodel, her infamous blonde blowout and bangs always seem to perfectly frame her face, even after performing alongside Taylor Swift. On tour, she often wears her hair with a loose blowout wave and a few long layers to add definition, embodying the look of a 90s supermodel. Her infamous blowout is a perfect hairstyle to learn yourself as it wears well. Often starting out bouncy and curly, it slowly loosens into a soft wave which still looks stylish after a few days. Off stage, Carpenter’s natural waves create an effortlessly cool beachy look that is hard not to be envious of and compliments her cool girl street style.

Glowy glam makeup

Sabrina’s staple makeup look is glamorous and glowy. She loves blushed cheeks with a perfectly lined glossy lip. Often wearing a classic black winged eyeliner which suits her face shape perfectly, Carpenter pairs this with a wash of sparkly silver eyeshadow which compliments her sparkly mini dresses. This look can be achieved on a budget, as shown in a tutorial she posted on her TikTok: she uses a Makeup By Mario Soft Pop Plumping Blush Veil, NYX lip pencil, and NYX fat oil lip drip to achieve the look.


i need everything. @Sabrina Carpenter shares what’s in her makeup bag. 👛 #sabrinacarpenter #sabrinacarpenterskin #sabrinacarpentermakeup

♬ original sound – whowhatwear

Ultra girly girl

Sparkly and lace mini-dresses are the hallmark of her tour wardrobe. Sabrina loves an ultra mini hemline with plenty of sparkle. Her dresses are often a corset style completed with a frilly lace skirt, plenty of sparkles, and maybe even a heart – the ultimate pop princess outfit. The short hemline of her skirts and dresses pairs perfectly with the thigh-high boots and adds to the playful aspect of her style. Often she accompanies these pop princess dresses with an equally glitzed-up microphone to make for the perfect girly girl concert outfit.

Vintage street style

Unlike her concert outfits, Sabrina’s street style is made up of muted tones, washed denim, and a vintage feel. Often sporting her natural hair and minimal to no makeup, her street style takes on a casual beachy feel with a chic city twist. Her street style has the perfect autumnal feeling and works perfectly for casually wandering the streets of New York. Platform loafers and perfect bangs still make these outfits classic Sabrina.

Sabrina Carpenter is not only the queen of pop but also the queen of style. By using a few key elements throughout all of her looks she has created her own recognisable style which stands out amongst others.

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