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9th April 2024

What to read in 2024: Exciting new book releases

If you’re looking for something new to read in 2024, we highlight some upcoming book releases that you can pre-order now.
What to read in 2024: Exciting new book releases
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Despite my never-ending pile of books, I am continually searching for something to read and 2024 has already promised some exciting new releases. Whether you’re a fan of thrillers or literary fiction novels that will make you cry, these books have something for everyone.

Intermezzo by Sally Rooney

The queen of Irish literature herself, Sally Rooney has announced a new book, set to be published in September. Called Intermezzo, her fourth novel will be an intimate portrait of grief and loss, following brothers Peter and Ivan Koubek after the death of their father. Alex Bowler announced the novel saying, “Intermezzo is a story of brothers and lovers, of familial and romantic intimacies, of relationships that don’t quite fit the conventional structures.”

Rooney’s previous novels have all been a resounding success, with her last book, Beautiful World, Where Are You, selling 40,000 copies in just five days. Despite its variation on Rooney’s typically female-led novels, Intermezzo will undoubtedly follow in the path of its successful predecessors and we can’t wait to read it.

We Solve Murders by Richard Osman

Richard Osman began his career as a television presenter and producer on various quiz shows like Pointless. When he announced his first novel in 2019 called The Thursday Murder Club, many were sceptical. However, it went on to become a bestseller prompting him to write three more as part of The Thursday Murder Club series.

He has now announced his new novel in a brand-new series called We Solve Murders, due to be published in September. The novel will follow Steve Wheeler, a retired detective, and his daughter-in-law Amy Wheeler, as they become the ultimate detective duo.

On his podcast The Rest is Entertainment, Osman announced that he “wanted to write a book about actual detectives” who travel around the world trying to catch a murderer. We Solve Murders will likely be more action-packed compared to the retirement village setting of his earlier novels but still every bit as charming.

Women Living Deliciously by Florence Given

Florence Given rose to fame with her first non-fiction book called Women Don’t Owe You Pretty on intersectional feminism, written when she was only twenty-two. She describes herself as an illustrator, writer, social activist and influencer. She is most prominent on Instagram where she promotes positivity and inclusion while also recommending some great music.

Given has now announced her second non-fiction book called Women Living Deliciously set to release later this year.  It is described as a guide that “encourages women to rediscover their joy, reject toxic wellness culture, and redefine feminism for themselves.” Like her first book, Women Living Deliciously will also include her own illustrations which give her books an added layer of colourful uniqueness.

Blue Sisters by Coco Mellors

Coco Mellors’ debut novel, Cleopatra and Frankenstein, about a tumultuous relationship, was a bestseller and a BookTok favourite. Despite the popularity of the novel, Mellors was allegedly turned down by over thirty publishers and almost gave up hope. She is now releasing a second novel and is in contact with several streamers to adapt the novel to screen.

Mellors’ anticipated second novel, Blue Sisters, is set to be published on May 23 2024t. Blue Sisters is about three very different sisters who reunite for the funeral of their fourth sister. It is a tale of grief and ambition but above all the importance of family. Tess Gunty, author of The Rabbit Hutch, described the novel as “A stunning exploration of sisterhood and grief, addiction and recovery, pain and pleasure.” It will no doubt be another resounding success.`

What Fire Brings by Rachel Howzell Hall

Rachel Howzell Hall is a critically acclaimed bestselling author, known for thrillers like What Never Happened and We Lie Here. Melinda Leigh described her as “a master of the psychological suspense thriller.”

Her latest novel, What Fire Brings, is another psychological suspense thriller and is set to be published on June 11. The novel follows a writer named Bailey Meadows as she searches for her missing friend, but along the way, she discovers a trail of other disappearances. It is the ideal summer read for fans of the thriller genre.

All the books listed are available to pre-order on the Waterstones website.

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