Charlotte Green

Charlotte Green

Tuition fees aren’t the only reason students are stripping

Charlotte Green argues that attributing life choices down to economic need not only devalues women’s decisions to sexually empower themselves, but also undermines the concept of female self-determination

On your bike, if you dare

Charlotte Green discusses how the potential ban on using headphones whilst cycling is symptomatic of a system determined to blame bikers for accidents, not motorists

We live in a surveillance state and no one cares

Charlotte Green questions why we are happy to allow the state to violate our civil liberties in the name of our protection

My Political Hero: Ian Hislop

Charlotte Green explains why Private Eye editor Ian Hislop is her political hero…

The Pussy Riot incarceration, repeated abuses of civil liberties and now damaging anti-gay laws

Charlotte Green explains why the University of Manchester should be at the forefront of student pressure on Russia

‘A Princess Is Made Not Born’

As France moves to ban ‘Mini-Miss’ pageants, how long until Britain follows?

Students need to fight back against privatisation in higher education

Charlotte Green gives her views on the ‘Sussex against Privatisation’ movement

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