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Jak Dyehouse

Jak Dyehouse

Jak Dyehouse is a contributor to the Politics section of The Mancunion. A second year Politics and Modern History student at the University of Manchester, he hopes to embark on a career which will allow him to fulfil his dream of travelling the world.

Why I’ll be marching against the EDL this week

Jak Dyehouse explains why the only way to protest the EDL is with a counter march to theirs

Confessions of a student activist: shunning the neo-liberal lifestyle

Jak Dyehouse responds to Soapbox Issue 02

Only in Hollywood does mental illness = superpower

It is an unfortunate result of living under American cultural hegemony that we are treated to an awful lot of shit television. Much of it is drivel, both drama and comedy, yet it clogs up the schedule each day. While making perfect hangover viewing that acts as a kind of valium to dull your aching […]

Speak now, or forever hold your peace

Religious leaders can and should be an asset to our democracy, writes Jak Dyehouse

My Political Hero: Tom Watson

The Labour MP’s tireless investigation into the phone hacking scandal has forced News International to face up to the scale of its wrongdoing

Occupy Everything

In the wake of the much-publicised Roscoe occupation, Jak Dyehouse assesses the rationale behind the seemingly unstoppable spread of occupations to cities across the world