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Jane Kilpatrick

Jane Kilpatrick

Cornerhouse Pick of the Week: Gloria

Jane went to see acclaimed Chilean film, Gloria, and attended a Q&A with its star

Give me back my freedom to argue

“Freedoms” are a pretty tricky concept, apparently. In a country that uses its human rights record as rhetoric against less democratic or accepting leaders, it’s probably one that we should be a little more frank about. Free speech is fundamental not only to any sort of progressive attitude, but surely also to demonstrate conviction that […]

Debate 3: Cuts to legal aid will seriously damage the justice system

Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke’s proposals for legal aid reform may sound fairly reasonable when written down; it is hard to argue that “unnecessary litigation” could ever be a good thing (Ministerial Foreword: Proposals for the Reform of Legal Aid in England and Wales). However, what he deems to be “unnecessary cases”, which the public should […]

Thrashing About

Review- Thrasher at the Royal Exchange Studio