Lucy Hall

Lucy Hall

Lucy Hall contributes to the Politics section of The Mancunion. She is currently a third year student of Politics and Modern History at the University of Manchester. You might have previously read her dispensing a bit of cheeky fashion advice in The Guardian’s 2010 Freshers’ Guide!

Occupy London – there are valuable lessons

“Minds are not changed by singular actions, however singular. They are changed when society comes to regard these singular actions as the rule rather than the exception, when common sense shifts on to the side of the erstwhile heretic.” Conor Gearty, LSE. I wonder what picture formulates in your head when someone talks about the […]

My Political Hero: Joe Slovo

In recognition of UMSU’s Black and Ethnic Minority Week, Lucy Hall pays homage to one of the great anti-apartheid activists, Joe Slovo

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