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Roberta Rofman

Roberta Rofman

Modafinil: Become a genius for a few hours?

Is it possible to become smarter, more focused and alert for a few hours from just taking a pill? Modafinil is just one of many study drugs that has been associated with these effects. But can it be beneficial to student life?

Reassembling the self: the art of schizophrenia

Schizophrenia has been described as one of the most misunderstood disorders. In ‘Reassembling the Self’, Susan Aldworth looks to diminish the stigma that schizophrenia has and to depict perceptions and experiences of it through art

Students go to Brussels to fight against TTIP

TTIP has been described as one of the most controversial legislations that the European Commission has tried to bring about, yet it is not as well known as would be expected. Roberta Rofman talks to Natasha Brooks about her thoughts on TTIP, her campaign in Brussels and US politics

How beneficial can study drugs be to your education?

Increased attention has been given to discussion about study drugs and the debate on whether or not to do study drugs is yet to be put to rest. So, can they be beneficial to your university degree?

What Black History Month Means to Me

At the university, it’s Black History Month every October. A few students were asked what Black History Month meant to them

Changing the Way Feminism Is Defined

Feminism is a word that has been dragged through the mud, giving it a meaning that a lot of people would prefer not to be associated with. So is it time to redefine what it stands for?

Politics and Students of Today

Student life has changed drastically over the years—does this reflect students’ interest in politics?