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Kristin Cooper catches up with Mikey, Jasper, and Ollie of caroline to discuss their return to Manchester and the making of their EP ‘Skydiving onto the library roof’.

SPINN press shot

Ahead of the release of their second LP ‘Outside Of The Blue’, Sarah Taylor sits down with Jonny Quinn of SPINN to chat taking inspiration from mental health, politics, horror films and Christmas!

Magdalena Bay

Kevin reviews synthpop duo Magdalena Bay’s first full-length album, Mercurial World—a modern masterpiece that amalgamates well-known genre characteristics into one impressive, fun, and cohesive package.

Fontaines D.C.

It’s rare to witness a band of only two albums grow to this size and majesty, and the result is a crowd who will roar at every opening drum pattern and bass riff.

Repercussion Festival

A review of Depot Mayfield’s nine hour long Repercussion Festival, featuring artists DJ Shadow, Soul II Soul, and Jordan Rakei.