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Home Secretary disputes party policy on international students

Home Secretary disputes party policy on international students

The Home Secretary made comments on number of international students in the UK contradict Conservative goals

University to ban ‘mankind’ and ‘right-hand man’

Cardiff Metropolitan University have come under criticism for proposing a ban on words which they say are harmful and potentially alienate members of the student body

Fraudulent degree selling websites targeted

The government are cracking down on companies who are duping students into acquiring fraudulent degrees

Bursaries improve students’ chances of getting a better degree

Recent research shows that students who receive bursaries perform better in their degrees than if they had not received the financial aid

Manchester Metropolitan University secures Erasmus+ and gains European funding

Manchester Metropolitan University has secured European funding for three major projects which promise to secure its international links

NUS President Malia Boutattia condemned as ‘racist’

The Home Affairs Select Committee have found Malia Boutattia to be “racist” in their cross-party investigation into allegedly anti-Semitic comments and incidents