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Current student loan structure is “wrong” says Tory policy head

“We are driving a generation against aspiration, because we are punishing aspiration. That is about the most un-Tory thing I can think of.”

Disability support at University comes under scrutiny

After decisions were made last week to postpone reforms to the Disability Support Allowance, we scrutinise the support available for disabled students at university

Ministers ‘very concerned’ by vice chancellor’s pay rises

Vince Cable and David Willetts have called for senior management to show “much greater restraint”

Government sells £900 million of student loans for £160 million

Debt collection company buys up student loans

‘This pressure is making it impossible to study’

The civil war has left Syrians studying in the UK fearing for friends and family and struggling financially. Joe Sandler Clarke talks to Husam Helmi – a Syrian PhD student at Brunel University – about how the crisis is affecting him

UK Universities ‘face collapse into global mediocrity’

University of Manchester slips one place in world rankings

Escape the rain, study abroad for less

With increasing fees and a struggling British economy, is it time for UK students to fly the coop?