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The faces behind the Misogyny Is Hate campaign

The faces behind the Misogyny Is Hate campaign

Sophia Ashby spoke to three students behind Misogyny Is Hate to understand their involvement and the challenges they have faced

Colm, swipe right on the Students’ Union

Activites and Development Officer Joel Smith offers a reply to recent attacks on the Students’ Union

An ivory tower flying a red flag

Colm Lock takes aim at the Students’ Union and states that it facilitates far too much waste and is not representing the student body

2015 Union Executive elections: The candidates

Votes in the Student’s Union elections may be cast until Thursday the 12th at 3pm. Go to MyManchester and click ‘Vote Now’. More information about all candidates can be found on the Students’ Union website

UMSU elections are in a crisis of apathy

Alice Rigby argues that Manchester needs a re-invigoration of the student electoral system to make us believe in our executive and union representatives

Meh-lection frenzy sweeps Students’ Union Exec

Exec position nominations see lack of interest, even though advertised for people who “fancy earning £16.6k” or “taking a paid year out”

Students’ Union lobbies against NHS costs for international students

Union Officers have endorsed the campaign against the government proposal

The importance of being accountable

After last week’s dramatic front page, Emma Bean discusses the importance of holding elected officials to account