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Poems by Dana Kenzhekeyeva

Poems by Dana Kenzhekeyeva

New to Manchester, Erasmus student Dana Kenzhekeyeva describes her experience of lockdown in two new poems
Be//Longing: Refugee Experiences

Be//Longing: Refugee Experiences

Encouraged to re-evaluate the proximity we all have with the struggles of refugees, Be//Longing breaks down the sense of detachment we feel from the refugee crisis through powerful performance

Royal Flush

Behold! You may need to sit down to hear this news; an 18-karat solid gold toilet is now open to visitors at New York’s Guggenheim museum. Named ‘America,’ it has replaced a public toilet on the fourth floor. This fully functioning golden throne fit for a king- or any member of the public- is a […]

Preview: Official launch of the Global Development Institute

This week, the university will be launching the Global Development Institute—one of the largest development research and teaching institutions in the world

Tash on!

Scarlett Whittell talks Movember style favorites and has no time for whining girls.

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