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Jeremy Hunt Articles

Four E’s, yet none for Excitement: The problem with Hunt’s Vision

Four E’s, yet none for Excitement: The problem with Hunt’s Vision

Hunt’s vision for the economy may sound exciting, but his views are unlikely to materialise in practice
‘Jam Jar’ republics and EU conspiracies: colonial hangovers in Brexit

‘Jam Jar’ republics and EU conspiracies: colonial hangovers in Brexit

George Walker argues that the Conservative party have adopted an imperialistic and culturally ignorant attitude towards Brexit, putting the future of Britain at risk.

1 in 5 UK GPs trained abroad, Manchester study finds

A study by the Medical eResearch Centre at the University of Manchester has found 5% of UK GPs come from the EU, with a further 17% coming from elsewhere overseas

Deal reached in Junior Doctors dispute subject to membership ballot

Following months of disagreement which saw the first-ever strike by doctors, an agreement has been reached on Junior Doctor contracts

Public support for junior doctors stays strong as third strike is carried out

Medics walked out for the third time on Wednesday 9th March—ahead of two more 48-hour strikes in April

No place for morality in Cameron’s Britain

The Conservative’s successive undemocratic crackdowns on our freedom to protest are a sign of a government with little effective challenge

85 per cent of Manchester medics likely to move abroad

The government’s plans to impose the new junior doctors contracts has led to many Manchester medics making plans to move abroad. Devolution campaigners have also questioned whether Manchester’s devolved NHS will have to impose the contract

Junior doctors strike for first time in 40 years

With around 100 picket lines outside UK hospitals, junior doctors, students and those standing in solidarity came out to protest the contract changes

Student nurses and midwives march against bursary changes

Alongside national news of junior doctors’ strikes on Tuesday, student nurses and midwives also marched through Manchester, Newcastle and London to protest changes that will see bursaries replaced with loans

98 per cent of junior doctors vote for strikes

An overwhelming amount of junior doctors have voted in favour of strikes against the new government contracts proposed by Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt makes a new offer to junior doctors to avoid strikes

A day before the BMA launch their ballot to strike, Jeremy Hunt announces he is open to negotiate the newly proposed contract, though this itself has not come without criticism

NHS workers strike over pay

NHS hospital staff striked last Monday and are threatening further action over outrage that a proposed one per cent increase in pay has been rejected by Government, despite plans for a 10 per cent increase for MPs