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MDMA Articles

Students find unlikely substances in Warehouse Project drugs test

Students find unlikely substances in Warehouse Project drugs test

The pills sold to students contained medication for diarrhea and Athlete’s Foot

Women more likely to die from taking ecstasy

Female hormones mean that women are at a higher risk of suffering potentially fatal side effects of ecstasy

Life after Fabric: What’s next for the future of British clubbing?

When it comes to clubbing and drug culture in post-Fabric Britain, many questions have been left without reply. Miranda Bunnis searches for answers

Fabric: An Obituary

Fabric has been forced into closure, but are the cited reasons as clear as they seem?

Newcastle SU introduces cheap drug testing kits for students

Students for Sensible Drug Policy have been successful in introducing £3 kits which can test for dangerous adulterants in drugs

Student drug kingpin jailed

Liam Reynolds and a gang of Leeds students ordered drugs from abroad using the Silk Road marketplace and sold them on to students

Overheard at the University of Manchester, 16/2/15

The funniest things you’ve been saying around university this week

MDMYay or MDMNay?

An anonymous contributor asks whether party drugs are really worth it

University alumni host debate on drugs and alcohol

“Drinking responsibly is good for society”, says pub chain boss

Man dies of suspected overdose at Academy indoor festival

It is believed the man took a quantity of MDMA inside Academy 2

American university bans electronic music to curb MDMA use

Students rail against banning with petitions and protest Exchange student says less drug taking than in Manchester

One dead, eight hospitalised at WHP opening weekend

32-year-old woman in coma after Friday 4th October show Drug-testing initiative to take place at club