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The Art of Tea, Didsbury

Ella Westall recommends curling up for a few hours with coffee, cake, and old books at The Art of Tea

Call for Contributors

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Do we really need another hobby awareness week?

International Book Week crept past last week. Anyone notice?

A day in the life of… Virginia Woolf

Rachel Longworth spends 24 hours as the Bloomsbury behemoth, but stops short of hurling herself into a lake.

A day in the life of… Dean Moriarty

Bill Knowles decides to kick off our frankly moronic new running feature, attempting to live out a single day as a literary character. He chose Dean Moriarty, from Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. I make sure to wake up late. Because that’s what Dean Moriarty would do. I don’t shave, and go find a roadside […]