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Labour Party pledge to abolish private schools

Labour Party pledge to abolish private schools

At its annual party conference in Brighton, Labour promised to end private schools in the interest of “social justice”

Top universities discriminate against A-Level subjects typically chosen by poorer students

On the eve of A-level results day, a study finds that some A-Level choices are keeping poorer students out of elite universities

Grammar school proposals don’t go far enough

The reintroduction of grammar schools offers hope, but more needs to be done to diversify education

Private schools give students “two year boost” over comprehensives

A recent study funded by the Independent Schools Trust reveal substantially better achievements among privately educated children at GCSE level examinations

University funding body mixes up state vs privately educated students statistics

HEFCE admit statistics released this summer, suggesting state school students did better at university than privately educated students, were reversed

State school graduates will earn less than private school counterparts

There is a pay gap between state school and private school graduates who achieve the same degree in the same subject, and go into the same profession