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Are ‘smart’ drugs slowing down our development?

Alexander Piggot asks whether the growth of smart drugs is leading to educational inequality and making us less intellectually able

Modafinil: Become a genius for a few hours?

Is it possible to become smarter, more focused and alert for a few hours from just taking a pill? Modafinil is just one of many study drugs that has been associated with these effects. But can it be beneficial to student life?

How beneficial can study drugs be to your education?

Increased attention has been given to discussion about study drugs and the debate on whether or not to do study drugs is yet to be put to rest. So, can they be beneficial to your university degree?

These attacks on smart drugs aren’t very smart

James Jackson discusses the positives of ‘smart’ drug use in academia and other areas.

Students to face random ‘smart drug’ tests?

10% of students in the UK take ‘cognitive enhancing’ drugs

Chemical Intelligence? – Modafinil

An ethical dilemma: Two people take an exam. They are of near equal intelligence and good at their subject. One studies for six hours a day before their exam and gets a 2:1. The other student takes a pill for concentration and revises for 10 hours a day. They get a first. The question is: is it cheating? Does the person with a pill for concentration have an unfair advantage?

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