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How to look sexy

Alice Tofts on misunderstanding the mantra “less is more”.


Why oh why do girls repeatedly feel the need to promote their sexiness by exposing full skin and by revealing every curve of the female form? This is not to say short bodycon dresses cannot be a principal means of showcasing some of what a girl has to offer, but surely there are more subtle and alluring ways that say ‘sexy and cute’ rather than saying ‘sexy and easy’.

The well-known saying ‘less is more’ is most often heard with regard to sex appeal, yet its significance is often passed off in favour of the more ‘minimalist’ look. The less you show, the more people will wonder. Instead of your outfit saying ‘look at what I’ve got’, an outfit can also create mystery. Therefore, by revealing the back but hiding the front or wearing a low-neck top with something longer than black knickers, an outfit can be suggestive rather than explicit.

Sexiness is confidence. Therefore wearing something that makes you feel insecure or paranoid can be completely counter-effective. Why wear heels so high when you either require 100% attention paid to each step taken in order to keep your balance, or you resemble a mammoth aggressively lurching down the road? Similarly, although that little sexy black dress looks good on the hanger, its allure cannot be mirrored on the female body when the whole night is spent tugging down the bottom of the dress to ensure it covers your bum cheeks or pulling up the neck so your boobs don’t pop out.

Striking simplicity is key in creating sex appeal. Bright red lipstick or (and I emphasise the ‘or’) bold, smoky eye shadow will instantly grab attention in a more enticing way than smothering the face in the entire contents of your make up bag.