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Live: The History of Apple Pie

The History of Apple Pie excited the audience with a mix of old and new


6th October



Nowadays you see bands walk on stage with each member dressed the same, trying to do the perfect gig, being overly rehearsed and damn right boring. However, The History Of Apple Pie were a breath of fresh air from all the NME poster boy, poser bands. With their clumsy dance moves and guitar straps flying about mid song, they definitely put on a exciting show.

Politely pushing their way through the crowd to get on to the stage and immediately playing, The History of Apple Pie made themselves known by their fun, hyper-active stage presence. The whole gig felt like you were at a friend’s house watching a jam session with a few beers. The sound wasn’t exactly fantastic – and every other song the band where laughing and joking about the guitars not being heard – however that made the gig special.

Playing mainly songs from their new album Feel Something, The History of Apple Pie excited the audience with playing old songs such as ‘Glitch’ mid set, and finishing with ‘Before You Reach the End’, which most definitely deafened the audience and left Gulliver’s with a big fuzzy bang. The shoegaze-influenced guitars where getting cranked up each song by the audience’s request, yet Steph’s soft, dreamy vocals still managed to be heard around the room, which complimented the experimental sounds being made. Overall, the east London band delighted the audience, even though there was a few technical problems which made some of the sound seem a bit unpolished, they made up for it with their enthusiasm and energy.