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Introducing: The Maddocks

Introducing: The Maddocks

Stockport’s most exciting new export The Maddocks chat to The Mancunion about their new single ‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’
Top 10 Manchester City Centre Pubs

Top 10 Manchester City Centre Pubs

Pub aficionados Freddie Moss, James Stanley, and Jack Birtles take us on their ultimate pub crawl around Manchester. Read on for the best ales, lagers, and spirits in town – ranked from 10 to 1.
In Conversation with FEET

In Conversation with FEET

Tilda Gratton interviews FEET who retreated into a rural barn in Cambridgeshire after leaving university to work on their new material.

Live: Algiers

Go to an Algiers gig and then tell us music isn’t political enough in 2015. We dare you

Live: Spectres

Spectres aren’t making noise for the sake of noise

Live: Krill

Kril performed honestly and their records worked well in the setting of Gullivers

Live: She Keeps Bees

The Brooklyn rock and rollers put their minimalist instrumentation to loud, effective use

Live: Pale Seas

Low attendance marrs the atmosphere of an otherwise solid show

Live: Outfit

Outfit pull off their set with extreme professionalism

Live: The History of Apple Pie

The History of Apple Pie excited the audience with a mix of old and new

The best night spots in Manchester

Fancy a good night out in Manchester? Then Tom Glasser can help, via an extended river metaphor