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13th March 2015

Live: Krill

Kril performed honestly and their records worked well in the setting of Gullivers

23th March



Alright. So what is Krill? Krill are three guys that trigger a longing for bands that we all used to listen to. Those bands before we started digging for hidden gems and striving to be ahead of our time. Krill are distorted guitars, crunchy drums and a slightly reverbed voice: that naturally sounds nice when blended together, it is just one of those universal principles. This resonates an amateurish but charismatic touch in their performance, which makes Krill easy to access. It simply is—forgive me for using this word—authentic.

Gullivers was packed that evening and the crowd agreed secretly on a dress code of flannel shirts and Vans Authentics. Of course everybody was sipping on beer in a gesture of cannot-be-botheredness. You could sense the garage rock was coming.

Eventually the band entered the stage and set up their gear, while one of the Krills shouted “surreal” into the mic. A perfect foreshadowing, as the guys took over the venue the moment they started to shred. The crowd in front went off and the room’s energy level rose. I spotted at least one guy who’d completely lost it and danced like he was falling off a building.

Their songs consist of your usual teenage angst and apathetic attitude lyrics, which is rather dull. Except for their self-addressed hymn ‘Theme for Krill’ that dropped near the end, this saw the climax in terms of audience participation. Probably everyone joined in on the chorus “Krill, Krill, Krill forever,” and shortly afterwards they vanished. It was cool, it was honestly performed, and their records worked so well in the setting of Gullivers.

Some people find Krill lame, some people think they’re brill. Just like puns involving band’s names. The bottom line however is you do not always need a Cthulhu, sometimes a Krill is enough. Or like one girl in the crowd summed it up: “License to Krill.” Yeah.

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