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20th September 2018

No problem too big or small

The Advice Services here at The University of Manchester speak about settling into university life, and where you can find help if you need it.

Freshers’ Guide

13th September 2018

Manchester’s Alternative Freshers: Bars, Pubs and Nights Out

We all want to have a great freshers week, but there can come a time when the list of nights in Tiger Tiger and Fifth seem endless. We’ve put together a list of 10 nights out that are guaranteed to add some variation to your partying schedule and help you get closer to your new […]
13th November 2017

Recipe: Beef Wellington with a Steak Diane sauce

A sexy beef welly recipe to treat your housemates to some proper winter grub
6th November 2017

Live review: Jordan Rakei

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28th September 2016

Ways to Eat – the Freshers’ guide to nutrition

Struggling with eating healthy and getting enough nutrition in your diet? Lacey Munroe discusses the pros and cons of various diets in her new eBook, Ways to Eat
28th September 2016

What the future holds

The Mancunion’s resident mystic gives a quick snapshot of what to expect in this coming year of clubbing, making great friends, and finding the perfect hangover cure…
29th September 2015

Quinoa Frittata, what a wonderful phrase

Helena Maxwell-Jackson creates a brunch that means no worries for the rest of your days
29th September 2015

Survey launched on the truth behind UK arts diversity

A new survey published by the Guardian on the 21st September has set out to discover whether having a career in arts and culture is only for the privileged
7th September 2015

Manchester travel deals

Manchester’s travel network is great—but it can be expensive. Here’s some advice on keeping your travel costs down when you start your university journey
23rd May 2014

The top night spots in Manchester

Fancy a good night out in Manchester? Olly Mitchell is here to help
23rd May 2014

The best live music venues in Manchester

As one of the world’s great music cities, Manchester is packed with great venues. Here’s some of our favourites…
23rd May 2014

Review: National Football Museum

Sports Editor Andrew Georgeson reviews Manchester’s famous National Football Museum
17th October 2013

Before You’re 30

Coordinator of ‘BY30’, Raphaé Memon, welcomes you to his monthly event: ‘Three speakers, each talking for thirty minutes, with an opportunity to meet and chat with them afterwards.’
17th October 2013


Matilda Roberts gives her account of live art festival ‘Emergency’.
25th September 2013

Bohemian Grove @ Islington Mill

Nancy Barnes draws our attention to the artistic work that goes into a night out, beside the music.
21st September 2013

Banish those hangovers

Gemini (328-330 Oxford Road) Located at Whitworth Park Halls, Gemini Cafe is a favourite of students who are looking for an enormous plate of food for next to no money. It may not win awards for the quality of its ingredients any time soon, but the eggs are always perfectly fried, the bacon crispy and […]
21st September 2013

Welcome to the wonderful world of Food and Drink

Over the year we will endeavour to help you eat and drink your way around Manchester’s finest establishments, with also recipe ideas and advice to cook up a storm at home too. In the past five years or so the craft beer and casual dining movement has gone from a niche interest to a becoming […]
21st September 2013

Stylish but straightforward: Basil Pesto

Homemade Basil Pesto with Penne, deconstructed Bruschetta, and Pecorino Romano. This is a fresh dish that relies on good ingredients, not necessarily high quality cooking skills. The key, as is often the case, is to keep tasting as you go.   You will need: Fresh basil leaves (handful) Pine nuts- (you can lightly toasted these […]
21st September 2013

Ultimate guide to Freshers’ Week 2013.

For thinking outside the freshers pack.