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Banish those hangovers

Gemini (328-330 Oxford Road)

Located at Whitworth Park Halls, Gemini Cafe is a favourite of students who are looking for an enormous plate of food for next to no money. It may not win awards for the quality of its ingredients any time soon, but the eggs are always perfectly fried, the bacon crispy and the service friendly. What more could you want?


Coffee House Cafe  (Copson Street)

On a side road in Withington, this greasy spoon is one of my favourite places in Manchester, particularly when hungover. What sets it apart is huge portions, low prices, and most of all the warmth of the welcome of this family run cafe. Regulars, having “the regular”, provide the ideal atmosphere for a bit of people watching while you try to remember the night before.


Fallow (once the Fallowfield Trof)

Legendary for its fry ups, continuing to corner the market in providing a better quality of breakfast. No grey tubes of mystery meat here – the sausages are properly herby and actually taste of pork.

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