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Diwali Festival set to light up Manchester Academy

As part of Global Fest, the Indian Society will host a Diwali Mela, complete with the “wildest” of afterparties


The University of Manchester’s Indian Society will be hosting their own Diwali Mela, to celebrate the ancient Hindu Festival of Lights, as part of the university’s ongoing Global Fest. The event will take place on Sunday from 6pm in Manchester Academy, in a night promising to be an impressive expression of Indian and Hindi culture.

The religious festival Diwali is one of the most widely celebrated in the Hindu faith as well as in India, with the abundance of lights conveying victory over darkness and good over evil. In the southern hemisphere it is celebrated in the spring and in the northern hemisphere autumn, representing a time when daylight becomes shorter but light and hope should still prevail.

Throughout the evening there will be various performances taking place including a Diwali Pooja (prayer), a musical show depicting the history of Diwali Mela and a “grand cultural show comprising of exhilarating performances by the Indian Society performing arts team.”

During the evening there will be a variety of activities provided for guests including artistic body painting (mehndi), games, charity fundraising as well as snacks and sweets stalls provided by a local Indian caterer.

It is not the first time Diwali has been celebrated in Manchester this year, on Saturday the 17th of October a large celebration was held on Albert Square featuring performances and shows. The Indian Society will hope to put on an equally popular show, and they have also promised “the wildest Diwali after party.”

Sunday’s celebration certainly looks to be an exciting part of the university’s Global Fest and an opportunity to sample the vibrancy and colour of Hindi culture, expressed through music, dress and dance.

Tickets for the event can be purchased here.