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Top 5: Post-Freshers Comedown

Freshers is over and the fact that you’ve got a 9am tomorrow physically hurts. Flop down into your beanbag chair for the Mancunion’s top five songs for the post-freshers comedown


With the end of Freshers Week approaching and those hungover Sundays sinking in, here are some tunes to get you through the drunken fog.

1. Peace – ‘Float Forever’
True to its title this track floats along on a tide of echoing melodic guitar, musingly chilled, best enjoyed whilst relaxing in a beanbag chair of course.

2. The Antlers – ‘Crest’
Silberman’s dreamy vocals dragged through reverb paired with plenty of muted brass on this track feels silky and suave.

3. Warpaint – ‘Feeling Alright’
Perfectly encompassing a determination to survive anything life throws at you, this moody track has the kind of wistful grit needed to insist that you are “careless, not hopeless”.

4. The Beatles – ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)’
Almost 8 minutes of intense Beatles bluesy rock with enough warp to make your head spin, a sultry Sunday afternoon hangover must.

5. Weezer – ‘Island In The Sun’
Cling onto the last remnants of summer with this sunny track: ‘Island in the Sun’ can stave off those post-freshers blues. Even the most novice guitarist can look at the chords for this song and feel great about themselves.