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Donatella’s Diffusion Line

Is the latest High Street meets High Fashion collaboration a success?


Making sense of unisex perfume

Androgyny is everywhere this season, cue exploration of gender-ambivalent fragrances


Manchester male grooming at its finest

Treatments that will turn you into a super-pretty specimen of menfolk


Tom Ford pulls fragrance strips out of naked model’s bottom

In case there wasn’t enough sexual outrage / arousal / confusion in your life this week


My ultimate beauty icon

Winners of my chief lesbian crushes

coco chanel

Model Behavior?

Should an individual’s private conduct impinge upon their professional status?

john galliano

Does Galliano have a future?

Can the undeniable creative genius ever repair his shattered reputation?


The unavoidable economic power of beauty

Physically attractive individuals may be more financially successful than their plainer counterparts


DIY beauty couture

Channel Chanel on the cheap

moodboard paint

Autumn/Winter 2011 Mood Boards: Homespun Heritage

Saddle up and head for the highlands, English countryside classics are huge this season.

Beat Moodboard

Autumn/ Winter 2011 Moodboads: Feel the Beat

An exploration of what it means to be ‘Beat Chic’ this season.

andro glamour paint montage

Autumn/Winter 2011 Mood Boards: Andro-Glamour

A girls and guys guide to Autumn/Winter 2011’s own brand of dressed up androgyny.