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Jimmy Choo Loafer Copyright: Jimmy Choo

Craving and Saving

Both brilliant shoes, but one’s affordable, and the other’s pricey

La Fiorentina:

From Aztec to Hicks: Fashion Grows Up

Jack Pummintr tells you everything you need to know to be ‘on trend’ this Autumn/Winter

Victoria Beckham collection:

Loving and Loathing

Boy London and Victoria Beckham feature in this week’s ‘Loving and Loathing’


How to resemble a decent human being when you’re failing at life

Brain implosion all around

Police detain activists from the women's rights organization Femen during a protest in front of police headquarters in Kiev

Naked protests

Re-claiming the female body as a feminist weapon


A piercing passion

My fervour for shiny sharp metal


The make-up palette

Distract others from your abysmal failure of an existence


Confessions of a tattoo lover

The personal passion of getting a tattoo

New Year, New(ish) You

A round up of pieces to lead you into the New Year

Loving and Loathing

What we’re loving and loathing this week


The art in the industry

Let’s lampoon the rest


Fetish beauty

A collision of the soft and the severe