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Live Review – Arcade Fire

The Canadians confirm their place among the decade’s best bands in typically spectacular fashion

Photo: Mike @Flickr

The art of the cover and Ne-Yo’s insult to it

Ben Lomax on the singer’s not so sick ‘HUMBLE.’ bumble

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Preview: Nos Alive Festival 2016

“You had me at Radiohead”. Henry Scanlan previews the lineup at Lisbon’s Nos Alive Festival 2016

Photo: thehorrors

Opinion: Bands… or Brands?

Samuel Ward shares his views on the commercialisation of musicians.

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Album: Arcade Fire – Reflektor

Arcade Fire cement their place in the big leagues with a consistently excellent double album


Preview: Her

In this case, the concept alone is a victory in itself. It promises humour and pathos yet it may also prove to be quite haunting.