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Photo: Vas Panagiotopoulos @ Wikimedia Commons

Is it okay to punch a Nazi?

David Moseley considers punching a Nazi, musing over the ethics of such an act and its place in the current political climate

Photo: Roto3'14 @ Wikimedia Commons

Stop crying Hitler

David Moseley draws upon reactions from both ends of the political spectrum to argue that we must be more acute in our historical comparisons

Did Benn's 'moving' speech merely appeal to intrenched fear of fascism. Photo: aheavens @Flickr

Was Hilary Benn right to evoke the ‘F’ word?

Simon Youel discusses whether Benn’s evocation of fascism was an attempt to appeal to a deep-seated fear


Review: The Monuments Men

Whilst enjoyable, Matthew found that even gorgeous George had trouble balancing the disparate tones of The Monuments Men


Retro Corner – Wolfenstein 3D

Thomas Lee looks at the ‘first’ first-person shooter