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University of Manchester announce full divestment from fossil fuels

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Five favourite watering holes

Hula Tiki

Head to almost any bar in the Northern Quarter if you want a damn good cocktail, but do try to catch the last moments of summer at Hula Tiki, the Hawaiian themed bar. With hula hoops (not the crisps), a wealth of rum, cocktails set on fire and lamps made of puffer fish, what more could you want? It’s worth forking out the dollar to see what Manchester has to offer.

Font (Fallowfield and Oxford Road)

If you ever owe your mates a round, go to Font, with over 20 cocktails from as little as £2. Sip on a Sailor Jerry Mojito or a cream-topped Mudslide, a Tiger Beer (2 for 1!) or an admirable array of other lagers and bitters. The food deserves a nod of the head, the sofas are comfy. I’ve even heard that you can even play Pro-Evo for free in the Oxford Road branch.

Kyoto Lounge

To experience the geeky brilliance of a gaming bar, head to Kyoto Lounge. Their extensive range of games includes COD, Street Fighter, Gran Turismo, Fifa, Guitar Hero – you name it. Your inner child will never complain again, especially seeing as there’s a create-your-own milkshake bar too.

Ram and Shackle

With its rugged charm and dingy wall decor, Ram and Shackle is a personal favourite. It’s tucked away at the southern end of Fallowfield, with cheap drinks, lots of rooms to explore and places to hide. They host live bands, a weekly open mic and play many a good tune. Treat yourself to an Irish coffee in the winter.

Trof (Northern Quarter, Deaf Institute on Oxford Road, Fallowfield)

Trof serves some of the best food in town, particularly their scrumptious Sunday lunch. The vibe is always charming and it helps that they do a fine cocktail and have bounteous supplies of baked goods. Deaf’s genre-spanning club nights are a hit with the kids.


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