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Millions of ‘contraceptives’ won’t work

Women in the US may have become unintentionally pregnant after the incorrect labeling of the contraceptive pill produced by the Alabama based company Qualitest.

The pharmaceutical company has recalled 1.4 million packets of the contraceptive pill due to a packaging error that has left women taking an incorrect mix of drugs.

This could result in inadequate protection for women taking the contraception pill, leaving them at risk of unwanted pregnancy.

A pharmacist noticed the mistake and contacted the company, who have advised those women taking the medication to switch to a non-hormonal contraceptive whilst the issue is dealt with.

Qualitest is adamant that they will rectify the mistake, but many women aren’t convinced. “I’m not sure how the drug company is going to be able to “rectify” countless unintended pregnancies,” said Lane Moore, writing on the website Jezebel.

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