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3rd October 2011

Top 5: Movie heroines

Sinead Bird counts down her favourite movie heroines

Women are often lumbered with an unfair lot in the film world. Too often we’re presented as a ridiculous stereotype (Fever Pitch), a two dimensional caricature (Sex and the City) or just sex on legs (Transformers). It’s important, then, to celebrate the heroines that appear on screen. Here are my top 5.


Jean Louise “Scout” Finch – To Kill a Mockingbird

Every bit Atticus’ daughter, Scout Finch is clever, independent and compassionate. In her racist hometown, she proves herself to be more mature than many of the vicious and unthinking adults around her.


Annie – Annie Hall

Woody Allen’s romantic lead shows us that being ditzy is in no way synonymous with a lack of intelligence, as she breaks his heart and runs away with the film.


Marge the Police Chief – Fargo

In sub-zero conditions and a state of advanced pregnancy, Police Chief Marge barely breaks a sweat solving a series of homicides in her quiet country town.


Rose Sayer – The African Queen

Katherine Hepburn’s Methodist missionary is shot at by German soldiers, contends with white water rapids and proves that she’s more than a match for Humphrey Bogart’s moody verbal sparring in John Huston’s classic movie.


Mattie Ross – True Grit

She’s the hardest 14 year-old ever. True Grit’s lead role beats a professional lawyer at his own game, convinces Matt Damon’s Texas Ranger and Jeff Bridges’ U.S Marshall to help her track down her father’s killers and shoots a guy in the face with a rifle.

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