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Top 5 Film Articles

Top 5 Evil Blondes

You might be under the impression that blondes have the most fun. Well, whilst they might be having the most fun, Cinema indicates they often cause the most trouble. Forget Thor and Luke Skywalker. From slimy Slytherins to homoerotic Dench-killers, slick golden locks can mean trouble…

Top 5 Movie Drinks

This Freshers’ Week there is a high chance you might drink some alcohol, so why not use that opportunity to get really cinematic?

Top 5: Reasons Not to Trust Robots

Andrew Home uses movies to explain why we should be afraid of the future

Top 5: Musicals!

Olivia Stevens takes us through an all-singing all-dancing top 5

Top 5: Moments of terror

Calum Ousby counts down the scariest moments of cinema

Top 5: Recurring film couples

This week we countdown acting duos that deliver movie magic time and time again

Top 5: Anti-rom-coms

Parizad gives us her top 5 films that break the rom-com formula

Top 5: Food in film

Katie Palfrey serves up her favourite uses of food in film

Top 5: Oscar hosts

Daniel Harold counts down his favourite Oscar hosts

Top 5: Kids with attitude

Daniel Davis counts down his Top 5 behaviorally challenged kids

BAFTA 2013: Top 5 BAFTA Snubs

Dylan Wiggan lists the surprise snubs in this year’s BAFTA nominations

Top 5: Movie insults

Nihal introduces his Top 5 insults from films

Top 5: Awesome movie quotes

5. “Welcome to Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club”. Brad Pitt delivers this famous line in the complex but genius film, Fight Club about, ironically enough, the creation of a fight club. Numerous twists and turns are hidden in this movie and will leave you […]

Top 5: Miscast roles

Dan King takes us on a journey from Gotham City to Middle Earth in this week’s top 5

Top 5: Bond songs

We celebrate the release of ‘Skyfall’ with a Bond-themed top 5

Top 5: High school movies

Moya Crockett takes us down memory lane with some high school favourites

Top 5: Cross-dressing Films

Flora Anderson guides us through her Top 5 cross-dressing countdown!

Top 5: Films that make men cry

A count down of the most tear-jerking films for men

Top 5: Films left to see this year

5) The Life of Pi Based on Yann Martel’s classic, much loved novel and directed by Ang Lee. Pi an Indian zoo keeper’s son is marooned on a lifeboat with a Bengal Tiger. The story follows an epic journey where trust and friendship are earned through devotion. 4) Looper Bruce Willis stars in this near […]

Top 5: Pre-drinking films

Top 5 films to watch when pre-drinking for a night out.