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13th September 2012

Top 5: Pre-drinking films

Top 5 films to watch when pre-drinking for a night out.

5. Scarface

Heaps of raw cocaine, a Miami club scene, and Tony Montana’s ‘little friend’… What else do you need to mentally gear you for a great night out.



The classic montage scene will have you buzzing, tip: Try seeing Stallone’s punching bag as your liver for the night.


3. Swingers

Vince Vaughn swaggers his best in this flick on the unwritten rules of ‘the game’ and how to take control of any social situation.


2.Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels

Guy Ritchie’s slick, adrenaline charged comedy will have you trawling Manchester’s street in no time, feeling like a true northern monkey.


1. Trainspotting

Sure it is a film about a relentless heroin addiction, but frankly it’s the kind of mentality you may want to adopt to keep you on top form for the week.

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