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6th October 2011

Student suspended after anti-Clegg protest – NUS silent

Birmingham’s Vice President of Education is suspended after protest during Lib Dem conference

An elected student officer and tuition fees activist has been suspended from the University of Birmingham after a protest that led to his arrest.

Edd Bauer, who was elected as the Vice President of Education at Birmingham’s Guild of Students, has been suspended from this role as well as the University.

Bauer was arrested for allegedly causing danger to road traffic users at the Liberal Democrat conference by hanging a banner that read “Traitors not welcome- hate Clegg love NCFAC (National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts).

Bauer and two other protesters were arrested and held over the weekend, but the two were released without charge on 26th September after a hearing at a magistrates court. All three pleaded not guilty.

He was suspended as a student after being relieved of his duties as Vice President of Education for the guild.

Bauer posted on his Facebook account that he had been suspended without a disciplinary hearing or warning and was banned from entering the University’s campus, as well as having his university email accounts blocked.

The National Union Students initially agreed to comment on Bauer’s suspension but have since refused to offer a statement. The NUS told The Mancunion they could not comment while the investigation was ongoing.

A statement from the University of Birmingham said, “We have been informed by the Guild of Students of their decision to suspend the Vice President (of Education).

“Having graduated this summer his technical status as a registered student is held by virtue of his Guild Officer position and therefore will be in abeyance for the duration of his suspension.”

“The University considers that its position should reflect the decision by the recognised student representative body.”

After his release from jail Bauer continued to plan for a protest that was due to take place 3rd October.

A spokesperson told student newspaper Redbrick that by continuing to protest and promote a ‘Defend Education’ meeting Bauer had violated the students’ charter, which says that any student found to be in contempt of the disciplinary procedures of the guild by failing to cooperate with the University, will face disciplinary action.

Ruth Wildman

Ruth Wildman

Former News Editor (2011-2012).

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