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Manchester Young Greens off to a Flying Start

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The student population of Manchester is Greener than ever before. At the University of Manchester freshers’ fair in late September, approximately 185 students signed up to become members of the newly founded Manchester Young Greens student society. It seems likely that the principled and consistent stance of the Green Party against the rise in tuition fees carried out by the coalition government has played a role in this apparent surge in Green student support.

A committee of ten members has been established, and several projects are already in development. Notably, the Young Greens are working with other environmental societies to start up a student food cooperative which will – in the words of committee co-chair, Nick Wilkinson – ‘not only combat climate change, but also student poverty by supplying students with affordable food. The Young Greens don’t just agitate for change. We are bringing the change right now.’

What’s more, a food recycling campaign is underway, to supply appropriate food recycling bins to students who do not possess them and to encourage those who do to use them. Manchester Young Greens will be participating in the Student Union’s Climate Action Week, find them in the Students’ Union all this week.

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Ceri Wills

Former Societies editor (2011-2012).

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